To travel or make a journey towards a strange country. In this article, trippers to know some relevant and helpful information before traveling to a specific country. As Canada is one of a beautiful country, Wi-Fi has a marvelous and harmful nature that attracts tourists towards itself. If the tripper planned a trip to Canada should know some relevant and helpful information with cheap air travel, which helped their trip and made their journey luxuriously enjoyable.


About Canada:

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Canada is the second biggest country, which is the position in North America. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, with 5.5 million People think that Toronto is the capital of Canada, but the capital of Canada is Ottawa. The total population of Canada is 36 million people. Generally, in Canada, two languages are used English, and French English spoke all over Canada, but French spoke in the province in Quebec and few Parts of the East Coast. 


Here are a few essential things traveler should know about Canada before traveling to Canada




 If we have planned a trip to Canada and think that can cover Canada on a short trip or in a short time than mistaken, the distance between the each City Of Canada is enormous. It takes time to travel from one city to the other City of Canada. Some people did not plan any schedule and went for a visit to Canada in a short time. Then they found many difficulties in their ways such as due to the enormous distance between a city tourist cannot cover all city. Due to a shortage of time and then rushing from one town to another, left some famous places enjoyable in Canada’s cities. Planning a trip with a proper schedule may not face this difficulty and can see the beauty of towns in Canada. If there is a short time to visit Canada, join Canada’s trip with cheap air travel and visit essential places such as rocky mountain in Alberta and the maritime.




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Before traveling for a trip to Canada, we should know

about the climate or weather; usually, Canada’s temperature is blocking even in the summer season their main Peak thunderstorm in Grassland, and the climate on the mountain is icy. The weather is usually 20 to 30-degree Celsius in winter. The weather is with Vincent factors, which is very cold if they had planned a trip, carrying some warm flaws such as woolen hat gloves jacket scarf to cover the face, this would help most.


3– Get an Eta visa in advance:

 It is not compulsory for all Visa-free accept American since November of 2016. ETA is necessary before board flight to Canada ETA Canada visa is simple and process which can be held online and can take only a few minutes to complete during this process must have credit card password and email address and will answer to a few basic questions at entering personal information there are some charges about $6 to $7 for this process. Sometimes will get ETA within a few minutes of applying once it is approved; ETA expires whenever the password

expires. It is necessary that whenever travel with the same password that used to apply for the ETA.




Mostly two languages are being spoken in Canada. Firstly, the English language has been speaking at a high percentage, and French second mother language about 20% Canadian population speak. Numerous languages are spoken there because of a multicultural society with different tones and accents. Punjabi has been speaking in Canada for about approx. 1%.


The drinking age in Canada is lower than in the USA, depending on the provinces. It is about 18 or 19 to become legal for citizens to drink. Mostly it is available in beer stores than grocery stores.




Before going to Canada, every visitor must know about the emergency number. Which is 911, include police service, medical service, and firefighters.

NOTE: Before moving to any country must remember the emergency code of that state.




Every state has its own rules and regulations of driving or speed limit. Please notify the speed limits and obey the rules; otherwise, travelers have to pay for it. Smoking, using hands-free while

driving is illegal in Canada. Be careful!


HOPE! this article is enjoyable while knowing seven things before visiting Canada.



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