Traveling to Hamburg? Things You Need to Know Before Planning a Trip

Are you planning your trip to Hamburg, Germany? This article is a must-read for you! Tourism in Hamburg is often overshadowed by tourism in other popular travel destinations of Germany such as Berlin or Munich, however, this harbor city has much more to it. The city is a blend of ultra-modern progressiveness and old-world-roots. It is known for its best bars, restaurants, and nightlife. From finding cheap air travel to finding out the places that you should visit, we can help you with everything. Here is everything you need to know before planning your trip to Hamburg:

How Long to Stay in Hamburg?

Since the busiest port city of Europe is famous for its diverse cuisines, nightlife, and few tourists’ spots, so you plan 3-4 days to it. You can explore the city’s neighborhood conveniently.

The Bridges

You don’t need to worry about getting a perfect background for your pictures, there are a number of bridges around the city that can be perfect picture spots for you, and you can enjoy flaunting your vacation pictures on Instagram. In Hamburg, river Alster divides into two lakes that flow in the middle of the city and River Elbe flowing in the North Sea, that is why there are so many bridges to connect the lands. For your information, Hamburg has more bridges than Venice and Amsterdam combined!

Best Time to Visit

Winter in Germany is really cold and gloomy whereas, summers are really crowded, and the weather can be annoyingly hot too. So, the best time to visit Hamburg is in April or May, the city would be less crowded, and you can enjoy the mildly cold sea air with blooming flora all around.

Closest Airport to the City

Hamburg Airport (HAM) is only 25min away from the main city. The airport is well connected to public transport. The train runs after every 10min and you can get to your place without having to spend a lot of money on transportation.

Getting Around Hamburg

One of the major concerns of regular tourists is to save money and Hamburg’s exceptionally amazing public transport system makes it easy. You don’t have to worry about hiring a taxi to get around the city. You can simply take a train, bus, ferry, or rapid rale to get to the other corner of the city.

The City is Bike Friendly

Just as Amsterdam or Copenhagen, you can enjoy riding a bike around Hamburg too. There are around 220 bike stations around the city, and you can get a bike to ride for 30, in for free. The best part is, the bike lanes are laid all around the city to make your two-wheel trip seamlessly pleasant.

The Lakes

The two artificial lakes Inner Alster and Outer Alster are an integral part of the city. You will always find people paddle boating or sailing there. The lakes are surrounding by architectural masterpieces that make the whole experience enchanting.

Before You Plan to Dine Out

Most restaurants are closed on Sundays and Mondays in Hamburg. If you are planning to dine out, make sure to check their opening hours. Even if some of them are open, you might need to make a reservation before your visit.

Sundays? No Shopping!

It might sound disappointing to you, but it is very hard to find good shopping spots open on Sundays. Even in the big shopping malls shops only remain open from Mondays to Saturdays. Another interesting fact is that all the grocery stores close at 8 pm every day. For Germans, Sundays are for religious activities and to give workers at least a day off in a week.

Electrical Accessories

Germany has 230V supply voltage, make sure to check if your devices like power banks, chargers, etc. can support this voltage, if not then you must pack power converter along. Likewise, you will need type F power plugs, make sure to buy some particularly if you are traveling from the US or Canada.

Pack Some Grocery Bags Along

To slow down the pollution that is being caused by plastic bags, the German government has instructed the retailers to charge for plastic bags. Therefore, you are not going to get any bag to put your shopped items in so you might want to pack along some grocery bags to avoid any inconvenience and to save some bucks too.

Amazing Cuisines

Hamburg offers you a wide range of flavorsome cuisines. From traditional and classic flavors to modern and French-inspired flare, you find several dishes that can aptly satisfy your taste buds. Some of them that are must-try for you include Rote Grütze, Currywurst, and Franzbrötchen.

Visit Kunsthalle

If you want to get a glimpse of majestic European art and history, you must pay a visit to Kunsthalle. It is one of Germany’s important museums and has European artworks of the last 700 years. Being a popular tourist spot you might find it crowded so you must consider visiting it on late Thursday evening.

Take Some Cash

Although credit cards are widely accepted all around Germany, you are likely to come across many small gift shops, restaurants, and bars that only accept cash. You must always carry some cash in your pocket.

There is no doubt about the fact that Hamburg is one of the amazing cities of Germany. For photographers, history lovers, and architectures it’s a treat for eyes. You can enjoy roaming around the city and let yourself immerse in the pleasant salty sea breeze.

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