Flights to Fuerteventura

With a few flight administrators and aircrafts closing down over the recent years, it has gotten progressively hard to get sensibly valued non-stop trips to Fuerteventura from a few European nations. However, that doesn’t imply that there’s no reasonable method to arrive. If you are prepared to put in two or three hours more and take a backhanded course, you can, in any case, discover too modest associations with Fuerteventura from everywhere Europe.

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Furthermore, it is justified even despite the additional exertion as less non-stop flights likewise mean less packed arrangements, littler gatherings and more waves for you! So here are our main three hints on the most proficient method to discover modest associations with Fuerteventura:

Fly by means of terrain Spain

Most significant air terminals in Europe have sensibly valued everyday trips to the more prominent urban communities in Spain. From that point, you can frequently get modest associations with Fuerteventura. From Barcelona or Madrid, for instance, there are associations with Vueling, Ryanair, and Iberia Express consistently. Costs start as low as 30 euros every way. This additionally gives you a choice to sneak in a short city trip and put in two or three evenings there, so you can join an end of the week in Barcelona with seven days of surfing on Fuerteventura to defeat the two universes.

Fly to Lanzarote and take the ship to Fuerteventura

A few urban areas offer better or more continuous associations with Lanzarote than to Fuerteventura. If you figure out how to get a modest trip to our neighbor island, it’s just a 45 minutes transport trip from the air terminal to the ship in Playa Blanca and an additional 30 minutes on the vessel to Corralejo, where we’ll get you at the harbor. Naviera Armas and Fred Olsen are the two significant ship operators, and there’s hourly associations, seven days every week.

Fly to Gran Canaria and keep on fuerteventura with Binter Canarias

Gran Canaria has the most significant air terminal on the Canary Islands with the most non-stop trips to and from Europe. It is additionally a center for Binter Canarias, the territorial aircraft that associates the seven islands of the archipelago. There are more than ten departures from Gran Canaria to Fuerteventura every day, with costs beginning around 30 Euros every way. With free seating and fantastic assistance, the 30 minutes flight passes by instantly. If the climate is acceptable, you’ll even be blessed to receive some great perspectives on Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, and Fuerteventura.

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